Historical Gennep

Eerste afbeelding van Gennep 1575

Historical Gennep

From the air one can see that Gennep is a town that dates from mediaeval times. It was built on a rise, a low dune of the Maas between the Maas and Niers rivers. Both rivers, which flooded regularly, determined the shape of the town. Not only the Maas and Niers were a determining factor for Gennep but also Gennep Castle was such, as Gennep’s fate was coupled to the nearby fortress throughout the centuries.
The most characteristic building is the Town Hall which dates from approximately 1620. It was built by van Bommel whose specific style can also be seen in the town halls of Venlo and ‘s-Heerenberg.
Apparently this lovely Town Hall does not only appeal to humans as it has also attracted storks who have been raising their young there since the year 2000. These days one can even see them perched on top of the town hall in winter. Via the webcam on this historical building you can take a look at their nest.
Nearby the Petershuis Museum together with the Pinakelhouse is one of the oldest buildings in Gennep. It was built in the late middle ages. The permanent exhibition in the museum gives information on the cultural history of the Land of Maas and Niers.
The old Protestant Church also gives evidence of the fact that Gennep is a town with a very special cultural history. It is the oldest Protestant Church in the Netherlands and was built by the local parishioners themselves. The architect was Pieter Post, also known for the Maurits House in The Hague. Together with Jacob van Campen, who built the Royal Palace on The Dam in Amsterdam, he was the most famous architect during what we know as The Golden Age.
In the historical centre there are mainly old buildings. The fact that the architectural firm Alberts & Van Huut ( builders of, among other projects, the Gas Union Building in Groningen) have succeeded in integrating the new council office building so perfectly with the old historical centre is regarded as being a very special achievement. The new building surrounds the Ellen Hoffmann Square. This is a square with ceramic details which was brought about by the ceramists together with the help of the inhabitants of Gennep and is in fact the creation of a community with a significant history in ceramics.
On the spot where the old church stood for more than a thousand years now only the tower remains : The Martinus Tower Visitor’s Centre. The exterior of the tower, designed by Pierre Cuypers, shows that Gennep’s history was one of strife. Inside the tower the cultural history of Gennep is presented in an interactive manner. One can also enjoy the view over the region from there. The new Martinus Church is situated just outside the old town centre area. It is built in the Bossche School architectural style. A miniature version can be seen in Madurodam ( in The Hague) as an example of this Bossche School style.
In the Land of Maas and Niers there are many more historical buildings such as Heijen Castle and the Hunting-Lodge Mookerheide. Also windmills such as De Reus, Rust na Arbeid, the Gerarda Mill and the watermill De Bovenste Plasmolen in Plasmolen and in addition several churches, monasteries and chapels.
On your cycling or walking ventures you will undoubtedly encounter them.


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Ooievaar bouwt nest op stadhuis

Op het historische stadhuis in Gennep heeft in het jaar 2000 een ooievaarspaar een nest gebouwd.

Sinds 2015 komen ze jaarlijks op "Beleef de Lente" en zijn ze de bekendste ooievaars van Nederland.

Via de webcam kunt u ze volgen.



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