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Over the centuries the Maas River has deposited clay in the Maas and Niers countryside. The inhabitants have always gratefully made use of it.
In museum “het Petershuis” in Gennep a collection of ceramics can be found ranging from as far back as the Prehistoric Age and Roman Times up until today. In the library of Gennep there is a permanent exhibition of contemporary ceramics.
Ever since the 17th century a thriving pottery tradition developed in Gennep which was to last for 4 centuries and is regarded as being part of the Lower Rhine ceramic tradition. This handcraft form of ceramics has however had to succumb to the industrially made ceramics as produced in the 19th century in, among other places, Maastricht ( Petrus Regout, Sphinx).
In the Land of Maas and Niers they also began to process the clay industrially. Brick factories and numerous potteries were established in the town of Milsbeek. The restored pottery factory “The Jacobsladder” reminds us of that period. However they did not want to give up their old tradition. Besides pots they started to produce the handmade pottery again. It is known as “Milsbeeks Bont” and is famous even as far as in the United States of America.
Hence the modern day situation grew : a great variety of ceramists who show us how diversely creative one can work with the clay. Many have joined together to form The North Limburg Ceramics Collective.
Since 1980 they have organized the large international ceramics manifestation “Keramisto” which takes place annually on the 3rd weekend in September in the Land of Maas and Niers. It is one of the largest ceramics markets in Europe.
There are 2 ceramic cycling routes in which you can get to know more about the history of ceramics in the Land of Maas and Niers. A visit to museum “het Petershuis” and the former pottery factory “The Jacobsladder” will give you a good idea of the ceramic tradition. It is not surprising that Gennep calls itself “Ceramic City”.


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Ooievaar bouwt nest op stadhuis

Op het historische stadhuis in Gennep heeft in het jaar 2000 een ooievaarspaar een nest gebouwd.

Sinds 2015 komen ze jaarlijks op "Beleef de Lente" en zijn ze de bekendste ooievaars van Nederland.

Via de webcam kunt u ze volgen.



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